Tips For Improving Your Business

Tips for Improving Your Businesses Social Media Footprint


1-Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest all favor activity. The more regularly you share and interact on the platforms, the more successful you will be.
2-Create content that either educates, inspires, or entertains your audience. If it does not do one of those things, ask yourself if your audience would find it valuable. Creating eye catching and useful content is the key to success. Good photography that is consistent with your branding creates a cohesive message that your followers will learn to recognize after a while.
3-Make the most of the content you create. Use tools like hashtags, location, product links, and brand tags to make all your posts more visible across platforms. Its important to maximize the visibility of the content that you share.
4-Share the love. Engage with your followers, share their posts, and interact with other businesses. This builds a network beyond your location and works well for online retailers.
5-Make your online media presence a priority. Do not neglect to create a google listing, an attractive website, and a social media presence. In 2020, people want to feel like the brand they are shopping or working with is truly legitimate, so make sure you online presence is clean and current.
The Small Business Administration recommends spending 7-8% of your gross revenue on marketing, so figuring out the best way to spend that money is critical. Many companies are moving marketing dollars away from traditional advertising avenues like billboards, direct mailers, and print ads and investing in an effective online strategy instead. If you would like to learn more about how you can boost your presence online, check out services like Digital Chicks Media ( that can help you business from A to Z, from web site design to content creation, and social media management.

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